Open For Business

This week marks our official opening.  In the next few months we will be releasing new designs, a whole new line of apparel designed for the strong women of strength sports to show off their hard work, and a expanding our media presence to help spread the good word of strength.  3rd Attempt Barbell Apparel is more than just some cool T-shirts (though, lets be honest, they are pretty darn cool…) its about promoting strength as a pursuit of its own.

We have catered our clothing to those lifters competing on the platforms in Powerlifting and Weightlifting, but anyone in the gym struggling against the Iron will relate.  You don’t need to be a competitor on the platform to be part of strength culture.  We get it.  The moment when you think to yourself you should stay in bed rather than getting up to lift before work.  Or when you resist the urge to turn on the television, check facebook, or take care of some minor chore rather than drive to the gym after a long day.  We understand the mental focus as you prepare to take a new weight for the first time.  And we understand the euphoria of the PR; even the smallest ones.  Even when you look around the gym triumphant and your the only one there, because its early or late and everyone else is in bed.

We Get It.

And we hope you will too.  Take a look around, check back in the coming weeks for new designs, and most importantly… keep lifting.


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