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The 52KiloLifter apparel line is dedicated to the female strength athletes pursing there strongest lifts every day.  The creative child of 3rd Attempt co-founder and sponsored athlete Allison Cross, this line was a major motivating factor in the founding of a strength sport lifestyle brand.  When Allison looked around at the market place she did not find athletic clothing options which would either fit her athletic frame, or expressed the right mix of femininity and strength she wanted.  So rather than settle for sub-par products 3rd Attempt began investing in a women’s specific line of clothing.


The flagship design is our ‘pound for pound’; created with the smallest lifters in mind.  All too often when the general public hears someone is a powerlifter they think of the 300 pound behemoth with a gnarly beard, rarely do they picture the five foot tall women under 120 pounds.  But it is these smaller lifters who are, pound for pound, stronger than many of their male counterparts.  It takes a certain amount of knowledge and time around the sport to know that a 135lb benchpress is actually pretty darn impressive when your in the 52 kilo class.  It is with this in mind that we created out Pound for Pound shirts, to remind everyone that sometimes the smallest lifters are indeed the strongest.

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