Welcome to your resource for training apparel to let the world know your not the average gym rat; you are an athlete.  We support the strength sports for the same reasons you love them; the effort; the struggle; the transformation they bring, and the experience of competition.  No matter what your sport; be it Powerlifting, Weightlifting, or Kettlebell Sport, we all step on the platform and see where we stack up.  We all strive for those PR’s on the platform in front of the judges.  We TRAIN day in and day out to get there.  We BELIEVE in ourselves enough to take the challenge.  And in the end we ACHIEVE on the platform.

We offer the apparel to represent the sports you love.  Try our 3rd Attempt line to drive your barbell PR’s, our All The Reps line for our Kettlbell Sport Competitors; or our 52KiloLifter line of clothing for the petite powerhouse ladys who put all the big guys to shame.

We hope you find something you like; something you can wear with pride in the gym and around town, and perhaps something that will give you just a little more motivation to make your 3rd Attempt.